Daily Prompt: Second Time Around

I have been following the Daily Post for a number of months, occasionally adding a post through my Travellin’ Thru Life blog, but I have decided to start a new, more open, blog through WordPress, and will hopefully be contributing more towards the Prompts in future.

When I read today’s Daily Prompt, the first booked that popped into my mind was A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle, and for a short while I wondered why that was. It can’t be, I thought to myself, since I haven’t read it more than twice. But then I started thinking about the other books on my shelf, none of which have been read more than once, and I started thinking about delving into A Wrinkle in Time again, and the idea, instead of being daunting or sleep-inducing, was actually rather exciting. The idea of delving into a book that I first read when I was twelve years old and reread just one year ago made my hands itch to reach out and grab it off the shelf and start flipping through the pages immediately.

What is it about A Wrinkle in Time that grabs me?

Perhaps it’s the ageless nature of it. First published in 1962, it was one of the first science fiction books that I was able to pick up in 2000 and again in 2012 and actually understand and feel a connection with, and that is saying something! After all, my taste over the past 13 years has changed considerably. All the better that less than one year later, when it is still fresh in my mind, I am still wanting to reread it.

Perhaps it’s that the second time I read it, I discovered aspects of it that had been completely looked over by my 12 year old self. Or maybe it’s that I suddenly began to saw myself more clearly through Meg’s eyes and realised that, despite the inherent lack of travelling in space, we were not all that different. Or so I would like to hope! I also found myself feeling far more attached to her little brother, Charles than my 12 year old crush of Calvin.

Or perhaps it’s just that reading A Wrinkle in Time takes me back to my childhood in a way that a lot of other children’s books can’t. It takes me back to evenings spent hastily turning off lights and hiding under bedcovers at 3am when my Dad would check on me to see if I was still awake, only to turn them back on and keep reading 5 minutes later. It takes me back to a friendship that blossomed because of Madeleine L’Engle and it takes me back to awkward teenage years filled with books and braces. And it makes those years that could so easily have been cringe-worthy into wonderful memories.


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Second Time Around

  1. OH OH OH I sooooo loved her books growing up! I forget the names of the other ones but I remember being memorized by the thought another dimension!

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