Wall To Wall

Today’s Daily Prompt is on the theme of Wall to Wall.

Entrance Image

An ancient relic.

Poster upon poster in diverse shades of colour line the slips of my folder and bring back memories of the days when I lived on my own, when choosing what went on my wall was up to me and me alone. 

Flicking through magazines and tearing out pages, not because of products but because of images, visions and colours of what my wall would be like with this minor addition to it. Beautiful women, colourful shoes, clever advertising slogans, smiling photographs of friends and loved ones and hours of blood and tears combined into a single piece of artwork; all were treated alike and all reserved a space on the four walls of my bedroom. Walking in was like an explosion of colours across the wall in carefully co-ordinated shades of pinks, purples, oranges, red, blacks, whites, blues, yellows and greens with every colour having its place.

Now, the walls are blank with no escape from the monotony. No posters line them and no press-stick stains will remain once we are gone. No clocks, nor ornaments, no spice racks and no colour. No gyropscopes hanging from the lightbulb and no screaming pink lampshades. Just the dull off-white to stare up at as I lie in bed pondering how it is that I have come to this point.


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