Today’s Daily Prompt is about whether we feel uncomfortable when someone is embarrassed and what is most likely to make us squirm.

Raw, honest and heartbreakingly embarrassing confessions of love, of faith, of trust and of genuine adoration are moments that I cannot stand to watch. I can’t stand them because I have to watch them out of slits between fingers, knowing that people are making fools of themselves and putting myself in their shoes for just that one moment.

Those cringeworthy moments are beyond my power to separate myself, and I have to laugh and cry and experience every emotion with that person as though it is my own humiliation and, in the end, jubilation coming about. This goes for movies as much as it does for real life, and makes watching a movie with me in a cinema endlessly entertaining, or so I have been told.

The only thing worse? I expect others to react in the same way, and end up staring at them as I have my reaction, wondering if they too are going to break down just as badly as I have. They rarely do. 

In case you haven’t realised this yet, and I know that this blog hasn’t given you much reason to yet… I am very awkward. And for that I do apologise.


2 thoughts on “Shy

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