Without A Key

Today’s Daily Post topic was one that I couldn’t have resisted even if I wanted to. It has been years since I last sat down and properly wrote poetry, and what better reason could there be for it than National Poetry Writing Month (even if the National bit doesn’t really apply to me, and I can’t think of a South African Poetry Writing Month). So below is my attempt at writing poetry. I hope you like it.



Key by key
my fingers fling themselves across the board
writing into an abyss unseen
as I stare into the distance
letting them go
unleashing their will on the world.

Tick tick tap
they loudly echo in the empty room
drowning the silence that surrounds me –
my own personal morse code
calling to others like me
writers poets

My eyes close
and I sense myself resting –
first the peaceful knowing of self-expression,
then the uncaring smirk of self-confidence
and finally undying warning from low self-esteem
taking over
filling me.

Making me stop.
the quiet engulfing me plaguing me filling me
to the point where it eminates from me –
tears spilling over
from broken eyes
onto silent keys.



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10 thoughts on “Without A Key

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