Just Now

This week’s Weekly Writing Challenge is to showcase your slang. When I was in Korea, where I spent a year teaching English, I learned that there were some phrases that I, as a South African, took for granted that other people had no comprehension of. It was phrases that kept slipping in and out of my speech uncontrollably, and I would get blank stares from them. There were quite a few of these, and if I have time during the week I might write a proper post about some of them, but for now, in response to the challenge, I have written a poem (yay National Poetry Writing Month again!) to explain one of the most commonly misunderstood terms. Just Now.


Just now
Does not mean now
Or right now
Or now now
Or soon.

Just now is not a definitive quantity of time.
It’s not a promise
Or an estimate
Or a measure
Or a lie.

Just now can be a second
A minute
A week
A month
A year.

Just now is whenever I want it to be.
When I choose.
When I feel like it.
When I want to.
When I can.

Just now is undefinable.
Or maybe it isn’t.
Maybe I’ll try to
explain it sometime.
Just now.


5 thoughts on “Just Now

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