A Black Cat

So apparently this has been my week for poetry, because I just can’t stop writing the stuff. I asked one of my colleagues to provide me with inspiration as per today’s Daily Prompt, and he came up with “A Black Cat”. Which is kind of uninspired on his part, because he knows that I just adopted a teeny tiny black kitten a week ago and have had another black cat for years. But a valid suggestion nonetheless. As soon as he said it, a sentence popped into my head and I had to write it down. I also thought that the photo below went perfectly with it. And so, without further ado, today’s post.


A Black Cat (Midnight)

Quiet as the mouse I stalk, I walk
hiding in the shadows.
Shuffling silently along the floor,
tiptoeing between the belongings
strewn across my path
hiding me from my unsuspecting prey.

Prancingly pouncing, precariously poised
to fight unrelentingly
before becoming unbalanced.
Rolling restlessly while finding my feet and fleeing
for the corner under the bed
where the wary warriors wallow.

Squeakless silence ensues
as I stare at the space where it lies in wait,
secretly stewing over a battle sorely lost
Bbt patiently preparing.
Spritely fighting Midnight
begins the hunt again.

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