Fiddling Fixer

Today’s Daily Prompt was a bit of a difficult one. I really had to think of something, but as soon as it came to me, I knew that it was the perfect topic. Something that goes completely unnoticed, but that is used daily, even multiple times per day, and that I don’t think I could live without.



Alone it sits against my bare wrist without companion, waiting for its purpose, which comes about all too soon.A tickle against the back of my neck turns into a scratch, a scratch into a distraction and a distraction into an irritation. And it is all so easily fixed by one quick flick of my wrist, one twirl of a hand and I can breathe a sigh of relief.

I have always hated my hair. Other people seem to love it – the dark curls that flow willy nilly onto the nape of my neck seem to appeal to them in an aesthetic way – but all that I can see is a boring brown, uncontrollable birds-nest of a mess. Even on my best hair days, I struggle with it. This means that from one moment to the next, all it does is bother me.

I can wake up in the morning and decide that today is a good hair day, a day when I can leave the curls loose to make their own way in the world, only to find half an hour later, when I glance my reflection in the mirror, that what was a good day has turned into a nightmare. No matter how I pull and tug and carefully place it, it makes no difference.

Which is why, everywhere I go no matter how formal or informal, I have a hair-tie around my wrist. Nothing complicated. Nothing pretty or frilly. No flowers or accessorising for me. Just a simple black band designating me as a hair tyer and a fiddler. The few times that I have found myself without it, I have felt lost in a crowd. An uncontrollable, and completely unreasonable rage fills me to the point where I want to tear my hair out or shave it all with.

A simple elastic covered in fabric keeps my sanity in check. A small thing, but one that defines my world.


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