The Glass

It’s Daily Post time, and the Daily Prompt wants to know whether the glass is half full or half empty.

The glass is always half-empty, and I choose to look at that as a good thing.

For one thing, the glass could certainly be emptier. There could only be a quarter of a cup left in it, and what would that be useful for. Not to mention that it could be entirely empty, and where would I be then?

At least a half empty glass has its uses, and a half empty glass has potential to be refilled. Seeing the glass as half empty reminds me that, even though things could be better, they could be worse too. And if the glass was full, there would be nowhere else to go but down – the glass can’t be overflowing!

So yeah, I like to think of myself as an optimistic pessimist. Or someone who just can’t make decisions and stick to them. And someone who is now really thirsty.

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4 thoughts on “The Glass

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