Unique Outlook

Today the Daily Prompt is asking me what advice I would give to other bloggers. Not that my advice will get them very far, since listening to it has done me little good, but it is still something that I feel pretty strongly about.

If I had to give people advice about blogging, it would be one very simple thing.Β 


Last week, the Daily Prompt asked if we are writing blogs for ourselves or for others, and in my mind it actually doesn’t matter who you are writing for. Whether it is for your self-satisfaction or the acceptance of others, the best thing that you can do when writing a blog is to be yourself.

Don’t compromise on what you believe in, don’t write what you think other people might appreciate (though you are welcome to write about subjects that you feel they may appreciate) but write in your own voice. You have a unique outlook on the world that makes you uniquely qualified to write about the way that you see the world. Others may share in your outlook or may have similar outlooks, but no one has been brought up the way that you have and no one has lived the experiences that you have.

If you aren’t including yourself in your writing, then there is nothing about that writing to make it stand out from the crowds of blogs that other people have written. There is nothing to draw people in and there is nothing to keep them there. Write from your perspective and you will always find one or two people who are willing to listen.


26 thoughts on “Unique Outlook

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  6. “If you aren’t including yourself in your writing, then there is nothing about that writing to make it stand out from the crowds of blogs that other people have written.” Wow! This is so true… That is the key to doing something unique. thank you, Alexandra

    • Glad that you think so πŸ™‚ When I started reading your comment, I was expecting the response to be something along the lines of “Rubbish” – it’s one of the drawbacks from speaking your mind openly and freely as well – you open yourself to criticism. So glad that it wasn’t the case in this instance!

      • Oh no, I agree, now the interesting part is to find in a normal, ordinary life those moments or thoughts that make it extraordinary or, better yet, highlight the normalcy in a way that you make the reader feel right at home when reading your blog… This is a topic we could talk about at length πŸ™‚

      • Or those moments that make it extraordinarily ordinary like having a kitten playing on your laptop while trying to write a blog post, and how those are the moments that make you realise how good your life really is.

    • Absolutely! Even when those moments seem completely ordinary – they may be ordinary to you but extraordinary to someone else.

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  8. Thank you, This is excellent advice, like you said, If I am not writing in my own voice, then it is pointless ramblings. I am unique, there is only one person who sees life exactly the way I do. (that may be a good thing)…

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