So I am a little later than normal for the Daily Prompt, but here is what I wrote last night before going to sleep:

Love is caring about something or someone else over your own personal needs and longings.
Love is wanting to checking up to make sure that someone else’s day is going as well as, or better than, yours because knowing that will make your own day better.
Love is trusting that no matter what happens, there will be another person to stand by your side when things are good, bad or worse.
Love is knowing that your life is better for every day that someone else is in it.

A long time ago I wrote the below poem, and I think that it sums love up nicely:

Love is…
… blind
… frightening
… jealousy
… compromise
… unfair
… pressure
… heartbreaking
… complexity
… imperfect
… fragile
… precious
… caring immeasurably
… unwavering trust
… loss of control
… at first sight
… hardship and fighting
… separate from reason
… a late night visit
… feeling nothing can harm you
… not interested in excuses
… a rollercoaster ride of emotions
… the breaking down of expectations
… opening yourself to pain and deceit
… being awake after an unending sleep
… a cup of hot chocolate when you need it most
… giving up your heart and soul to someone else
… knowing there is nowhere else you would rather be
… coming alive because of another person and their actions
… to forget those that have hurt you in the past and look ahead to a brighter future.


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