Sense It

Today’s Daily Prompt is all about the senses.

I open my eyes and jump back in fright, a momentary lapse of memory leaving me wondering who I am, where I am and what these giant green eyes are doing staring into my own. She responds just as suddenly, though with more determination than I can muster with a scramble onto her hind legs and a swat in the direction of my nose, her natural defences leaping into action.

Ever since Midnight learned how to open the door to her ‘bedroom’ (ie. our converted en-suite bathroom, where her blankets, litter box and food bowls now reside) this has been my wakeup call. Always me, never my boyfriend, even though he is closer. Always a surprise, and always a delightful one.

With a grumbling of tired sleepiness, I open the blankets and let her snuggle up close to me, taking in my warmth and suckling against the fabric of my pyjamas.


7 thoughts on “Sense It

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