Natural Magic

Today’s Daily Prompt asked us whether we would give up any of our senses if we had a chance – to make one of them sharp while dulling the others. I thought that the topic lended well to a poem. I also feel that this is a far better response to Saturday’s Daily Prompt than the answer that I provided then, so I would have linked back to this post even if Daily Prompt hadn’t suggested that I do so.

I juggle up the pros and cons of each
A hard decision weighing on my mind.

With sight comes beauty – 
colours bursting
light dancing
smile widening
as the shutters of my eyes close
capturing the moments in my memory.

With sound comes music – 
nature’s babbling
city’s bustling
laugher bubbling
as my ears record the melody
of the loud symphony of the world.

With taste comes exploration – 
balancing flavours
savouring sweetness
tantalising tastebads
as my tongue tingles with textures
experiencing the cultures around me.

With touch comes delicacy – 
fingers grazing
hands caressing
skin prickling
as my nerves tiptoe around each other
sending signals of joy to my open mind.

With smell comes romance – 
flowering seasons
spicy sensations
passion in a bottle
as the scents overwhelm me
showing me to my personal nirvana.

To give these up would be a sin,
to stifle them a heartache.
Each brings joy in its own right
And I would change them for the world.


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