Bitter Fading of Sweet Memories

Today’s Daily Prompt imagines that we have received a gift that is bittersweet and makes us nostalgic. They want to know what the gift is. Here is what I imagine will happen in, oh, fifty year’s time.


Fading Memories

“Here,” she says, holding the carefully wrapped gift out to me with a great big smile on her face – clearly proud of her find.
I smile back widely, genuinely as I gently peel back the intricate wrapping paper (never let it tear) to reveal the leather-bound tome beneath.

I run my hand over the cover, my breathe caught in my throat. It is perfect. What I have always wanted. What I wish I had bought years ago to write down my thoughts and memories, all merging into the background now. It is aged and delicate, but sturdy, as a good notebook should be.

“Thank you,” I say, the words catching in my throat as tears well in my eyes. “It’s…”
“What’s wrong?” The look of pride has morphed into one of fear and confusion. She doesn’t understand, and I can’t find a way to explain it to her.

All of the years that have gone by, all of the memories that have been written down on scraps and folio only to be thrown away or lost. All those half-finished stories that have gone uncompleted, the ideas slowly waning from my mind leaving it bare and empty but for the few remnants that I keep locked away. All of the moments that have left impressions that are fading with time, and I don’t have nearly enough time or energy to write it all down before they will be lost forever.

“It’s amazing,” I choke out, realising that this simple notebook is the gift that I have been waiting a lifetime for. A book in which to write my thoughts – my ever slowing moments of inspiration – my memories and my stories. “Thank you,” I announce pulling her towards me for an embrace that is unexpected for both of us, but that seems to fill the emptiness of my aging body and mind. “I love it.”



The diary that I kept while I was in Korea

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