Blogging Goals

Today’s Daily Prompt asks us whether we’ve reached our blogging goals. To be honest, it’s not a particularly easy question to answer because I have so many blogs.

This blog, for example – I didn’t have any goals for it. I started the blog so that I could participate in the Daily Post quickly, easily and with the benefit of WordPress features. I responded to one or two of the posts on my personal blog, but my responses didn’t feel like a part of the challenge. So I decided to try this WordPress thing and see how it went, and I have been rather enjoying using WordPress. So much so that I have been considering moving my other blogs over, and would do so if I could figure out the little niggles like my Facebook and Twitter already being integrated with Blogger and not wanting to lose my SEO rating and not wanting to confuse people and… Christ the list just goes on and on and my mind degenerates to jelly just thinking about the issues.

So, I guess the answer is that I haven’t reached my goals, mostly because I didn’t have any to reach. Or, alternatively, I have reached them because the goals were so low that they were non-existent.


10 thoughts on “Blogging Goals

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