Green Taking Over

Today’s Daily Prompt asks us to talk about the last time that we felt jealous and how we reacted to it. And it’s not an easy subject for me to talk about, because I have been struggling through some mental anguish over the last few months which has led to mood swings, depression, anxiety. Even the smallest of problems become mammoth tasks for me to overcome, and I look at those who are not suffering, and I know, in the recesses of my mind, that what I am going through is not the be all and end all – there are people with far more trouble and sorrow and hardship than I am facing right now – and yet I am jealous of them because they are free from the mental pain that I am suffering. So rather than writing about the last time I felt jealous, because it is a daily sensation, I have written about jealousy in general and the toll that it is wreaking on me.

Jealousy rears its ugly head all too often, 
Tainting relationships and my mind in its path.

It stems from insecurities unvoiced for too long
And left to fester without release.

It captures innocent bystanders as I witness lives that seem
So much better, so much easier, so much happier
Than my own.

It grows on the fuel that I give it, unrelenting as always
And unforgiving to the point of self-pity and depression.

The only victim of jealousy is myself and my fragile mind.


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