The Journey

The Daily Prompt asked us to write about a journey, and I was feeling very poetic this morning, so I wrote this. Not my best work by far, but I thought it felt appropriate. I also wrote a poem about a journey a number of years back which I adored. When I head home I may try and locate it and post it on the blog.


step inside this weary mind
you can enter through my soul
and I’ll take you on a journey
that will leave you warm and whole

my body may be fading fast
but my spirit is still strong
so enter now while you still can
my journey won’t take long

from the bumbling cry of a baby
to my days spent in this bed
you can see it all in minutes
from the safety of my head

my years of happy marriage
my days of bitter pain
my moment of pure bliss
my kisses in the rain

the ecstacy that saw your birth
the glorious years the followed
the heartache when you left our home
the joys, the tears, the sorrow

step inside my wear mind
you can enter through my heart
it shouldn’t be too arduous
you have been there from the start.


7 thoughts on “The Journey

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