Fighting for the Right Reasons

The Daily Post wants to know whether I give in to the instinct of Fight or Flight when faced with confrontation.

I have never been one to shy away from something that irks me, and this has led to my terrible tendency of sticking my foot in my mouth a lot of the time.

I would rather fight for what I believe in than fly away and regret my decision. I would rather say what I have to say and know that I said my piece than keep it to myself, eating away at me, never knowing what is going on. I would rather get in trouble for being honest than suffer for keeping it to myself.

There are times though, and there are many of them, when I wish that I could be meek – that I could stand back and watch rather than being in the thick of things. There are times when I know that saying something will only make things worse, but I say it anyway. I can see it in my minds eye, how I could say nothing and everyone will assume that everything is perfect, that confrontation will be avoided and that the good-natured friendliness that defines my relationship with most of the people around me will continue unfaltering. But then, I also see my smile fading with time, my confidence decreasing along with my happiness.

It’s not worth losing myself to stand back and keep quiet. I am stronger than that, and if I can’t be accepted with my faults, then I am better off alone.


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