Weaving Through the City

Like a minute late, but here is my contribution towards yesterday’s Daily Prompt. I almost didn’t bother, but I just couldn’t resist the awesome topic of weaving threads.

It rests in a black box atop blue velvet, cradled in his hands as he stands before her on one knee. Jacqui gasps as she blinks back her tears of joy, her shock and excitement at a future with the only man that she has ever loved. And there could be no better place for the proposal than the sidewalk on which they met.

Erich has been driving for longer than he can remember. Is it 36 hours, now or closer to 42? Every so often he takes a sip from the flask of steadily cooling coffee, but its effect is wearing off and he’s finding it harder to keep his eyes on the road. He jerks his head up at the screams that echo past him as he finds himself drifting onto the pavement.

Charlie doesn’t know what it is that made her veer from her usual walking route. Maybe it was the cold wind that rustled through the leaves, or maybe it was the sense of stagnation that had been growing stronger over the last few weeks. She needed a change, even if it was as small as turning right instead of left outside her doorway. She could feel her heartbeat rise with the fall of each footstep, the music of the city pounding in her ears. The sirens, the catcalls, the honking of cars getting ever louder amidst the slap of her feet against the sidewalk.


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