Mental Vacation

So I took a weekend off from writing and have been struggling to get back into the rhythm of it again. But Monday’s Daily Post really started my mind going again. They ask us to write about our dream tourist destination, and it’s something that I have been thinking a lot about recently. I have been getting itchy feet and want to go travelling. So here are my day dreams of vacation spots…

I lean back in my chair and close my eyes, just for a moment, trying to escape my office space.

I find myself of a deserted beach overlooking the turquoise ocean, the stem of a wineglass resting between my fingers and the sound of the lapping waves drawing me into a hypnotic state. The sand is soft beneath my feet, and I bury them in deeply letting the coolness seep between my toes. I breathe in the ocean air as I close my eyes once again.

The day has turned to night and the tropical temperatures have shifted. I release my ocean breath and draw in the icy night air. I find myself bundled up in my warmest jerseys and jackets, layer upon layer of clothing shielding me from the cold, dry wind. I look out over the city before me and see a stunning array of lights – cars, buildings, people moving around the city of love – from my vantage point at the top of the Eiffel Tower. My smile widens as I close my eyes once again to drift to the next destination.

When I open them again, it is daylight once more and I am on a gondola gliding through the canals of Venice. High buildings flank me on either side as we wander through the city, under bridges of tourists gawking and residents going about the humdrum lives which seem like dreams to us. The boat floats out beyond the canals into the open water and I look back at the city in its entirety, taking in its beauty and uniqueness and wishing that this dream can last a lifetime. I close my eyes once more.

The noise that erupts around me makes my eyes open with a start, and I find myself surrounded by people bustling past me. It is an assault to the senses at first – the loud calls, the bright colours, the exotic scents (not all of them pleasant) – but my eyes adjust first and it makes the transition easier. I find myself in the market place of La Rambla in Barcelona, and the excitement of it is overwhelming. I spin on the spot, taking in as much as I can of the flowers, the pets, the living statues before breathing in one final time, taking in the scents and sounds and sights that I have been experienced before closing my eyes a final time.

I open them to find myself back behind my desk, my moment of daydreaming over. It is time to get back to work, but I do so with a new vigour. My vacation has done me a world of good.


5 thoughts on “Mental Vacation

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