Some people make me so angry.

Three years ago, my mother came across a beautiful labrador roaming the streets. Not wanting it to get run over, she took it home with her and put up signs at the vet, animal shelters in the area, the SPCA and everywhere else she could think of. For three weeks, the dog lived with her, and she became known as Perdita.

After 3 weeks, my mother had adopted Perdita as her own, only to have her ‘owners’ arrive to fetch her without warning and threaten my mother when she asked why it had taken so long. She was never given an explanation. Perdita was taken back to her home up the road from our house.

Today, while on her walk, my mother discovered Perdita’s body. She had been run over by a car four houses down from her ‘owner’s’ house. My mother went to the house, only to find that they weren’t home. She went to the vet to tell them about it, and she was told that Perdita had been knocked over on Friday. The owners had come in trying to find her three days later (Monday) and had been informed of where she was. Today (Wednesday) the body is still lying in the grass next to the road.

These people didn’t deserve the beautiful creature that they had. Perdita was mistreated and would have lived a far better life with a family who actually worried for her safety, even after she was taken away. There should be a list for these sorts of people – they shouldn’t be allowed to own pets.


One thought on “Perdita

  1. “Like” for the point you’re making, not the story. I guess it hit home twice as hard because my beautiful little kitty is named Perdita. *hugs*

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