The Spice of Life

An interesting Daily Prompt today. Here’s my response:

There are times when I think that I would jump at the opportunity to take the little pill – to not have to think of what to make and prepare a meal, to have the choice taken away from me and get all of the nutrition that I need from something so small. Think of all the time that would be saved! Think of all the effort that could go into other things!

But then, I think of what my life would be like without sitting down to meals. My family has always been one of those to have meals together – talking, arguing, chatting, fighting or laughing, we always did it together around the kitchen table. Even now that my family is half a country away, mealtimes are spent together with my boyfriend and our housemate. It might not be spent chatting, but it is spent together. There is nothing like having friends over for a meal or going out to a nice candlelit dinner. And having little pills would take away the closeness of that. It would become a matter of getting by rather than one of enjoying life and company and people.

Eating is not just a case of getting the nutrition that you need. It is a social event, or it can be, and I feel that reducing that to pill form would be a travesty. So no, I wouldn’t take it.


One thought on “The Spice of Life

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