Louvre Experience

Today’s Daily Prompt wants us to talk about a piece of art that intrigues us and what it is about that particular piece that we find so interesting.

I don’t remember what it was that made me look up. It’s not the normal thing that you do when in a museum – from side to side, sure. You wander through rooms and halls and ponder over paintings that are lining them. But for some reason, something told me to look up. And what I saw overshadowed the rest of the museum.

The Louvre is filled with the most beautiful modern art, but I wasn’t interested in any of it. I glanced at the Mona Lisa, I sidled past the Venus de Milo, but all along, my eyes were trained on the ceiling, on the intricate details captured within it – a lifetime of work put into making the Louvre the building that it is. The gold encased frescoes, the artwork that goes unnoticed by most visitors, unappreciated and ignored. But not by me.

When I think of the Louvre, it is not the works of Da Vinci that I recall most vividly, but that of the unnamed artists. I thank them with every fibre of my being.


15 thoughts on “Louvre Experience

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  4. I understand completely what you mean. I was at the newly-renovated and added-on-to Cleveland Museum of Art yesterday and took almost as many pictures of the building as the art inside it. I’ll be featuring some of those pictures in upcoming posts, but I’m constantly looking for the type of things you’re describing.


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