I came across a piece of my past today.

It was a good piece to be fair. Not something that I am ashamed of to say the least. I came across some of my old stories from a creative writing course that I did back in 2009. And reading the stories brought back only good memories. And that’s part of the problem.

My good memories seem to be behind me. I am struggling to think of good memories from recent years, since I returned from Korea, and it is worrying me. I have become the boring person that I always dreaded. Or, to be more honest, the boring person that I always have been and always somehow managed to hide behind adventures and fun and other people. There is no one left to hide behind now, and I am faced with myself, with my boring self, and I am bored by myself. I look at my life and I wonder what happened and how it got this way.

I just don’t have the energy to find out.


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