Book Blogging Challenge – 1 – Confessions

While I have been writing things down in a notebook, I haven’t been blogging very much of recent. I have written about why before on this blog and won’t make you all suffer through it again, so instead here’s the plan.

I came across an awesome challenge this morning through the Nanowrimo Facebook page, (thank you to Melanie for sharing it) and I thought that it would be an awesome way to get back into the stream of writing again.

So, the challenge for Day 1 is to make 15 book-related confessions. So here are mine:

  1. There are some movies that I prefer to the books. I love seeing the way that other people have seen the book. I love seeing their interpretation, even if it differs drastically from my own and the way that they have brought it to life on the screen.
  2. I have never finished Lord of the Rings. I have tried a couple of times. I keep falling asleep somewhere around their arrival at the Prancing Pony. It is a travesty. I am sorry.
  3. I read the Twilight series and actually enjoyed it in a mindless, this-is-terribly-written-but-I-want-to-keep-reading kind of way.
  4. I have a special place in my heart reserved for “chick lit” and it is fairly large.
  5. I love children’s literature and have a stash of books that I am keeping around in the hope that I will be able to read them to my own children one day.
  6. My knowledge of the “classics” is severely stinted. And by classics, I mean books by authors like Charles Dickens, the Bronte sisters, Jane Austen, Thomas Hardy, etc.
  7. I feel like studying English Literature ruined reading for me. Before I started my English Lit course at university, I was an avid reader. I would pick up anything and everything and would love it all. I cannot remember a single book that I hated before university. I can think of a ton of them now.
  8. I couldn’t get through half of the reading list for my English Literature course. I have promised myself that I will one day.
  9. I don’t read nearly as much as I used to. I cannot bring myself to read more than 50 pages in a day.
  10. I cannot remember the last time that I read a book I couldn’t put down.
  11. I tend to read books on my Gobii (read South African Kindle) but I like to have a copy of the book on my shelf as well.
  12. I haven’t read more than half of the books on my bookshelf (although, to be fair, about a quarter of them aren’t mine anyway).
  13. When buying books, price is one of the biggest deterrents for me. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on books.
  14. I rarely visit the local bookstore because I find them to be overpriced and understocked. I do, however, visit the charity bookstore in Cape Town whenever I go there. It is one of my first stops.
  15. I have started writing maybe twenty books in my twenty five years on earth. Not one of them has gotten past the first few chapters.

So, what are your confessions?


5 thoughts on “Book Blogging Challenge – 1 – Confessions

  1. So glad to see someone else on board! I’ll be curious to see your posts the rest of this fortnight. Also, have you tried reading the Hobbit instead of tackling the whole LOTR trilogy at a jump? If you like children’s literature you might just love it (I actually prefer it to the trilogy, though I do love both dearly).

      • It can be very, very dense. I struggled the first time I read it as well, but now I read the whole thing every three years or so. That being said, I am a Tolkien devotee so I’m a little biased. As far as I’m concerned as long as you’ve read the Hobbit you’ve got your Tolkien base respectably covered.

  2. Book confessions is a wonderful idea! I love writing challenges. Here is Nika Harper’s Wordplay youtube series that I know you’ll like:

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