Book Blogging Challenge – 2- Bedtime Rituals

So I am more than a little behind, but here is my second book blogging challenge taken care of.

My reading ritual is less a case of bedtime reading and more a case of evening reading. I draw myself a boiling hot bath, lock myself in the bathroom with the two cats for company and then lie and soak for no less than half an hour with a book.

When the book is really good, I tend to top up the bath regularly to keep it nice and warm so that I can read a little longer. When it’s not so great, the half hour is enough time to spend on it.

My cats love it! They hop onto the corner of the tub one at a time and drink from the water or lick the droplets off my shoulder. Either that, or they end up curling up on my waiting pyjamas and have a snooze while they wait for me to get out.

So what is your bedtime ritual?


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