Keeping My Cool

Today’s Daily Post asked us to talk about flying into a rage. It is something that I do often, but when I first read the topic, it wasn’t my own rage that came to mine, but one of a customer that I dealt with recently. I often lose my temper with customers which, as Accounts Manager, is not a good thing at all. But, in this instance, it was someone else losing their temper and me… keeping my calm.

“Ma’am,” I say, politely, calmly, as her shrill voice enters through my headset and ricochets around my brain. My politeness does nothing to stop the ebb and flow of her spitting fury which does not give an inch for reason or explanation. She takes a breathe, and I try again.

“You see,” she screeches, as though I have provided her with some irrefutable proof. “You won’t even let me finish my sentence. The customer is always right. You can’t possibly be a manager, you won’t even let me finish speaking, you just want to interrupt because you’re on her side.”
“Ma’am, please,” I plead, but it only gives her further fuel to keep going. I take a pen and paper and make notes of each point to address once she has stopped shouting down the other end of the line. After a few moments, the silence lingers for longer than a few seconds, and I can hear her breathing heavily, close to tears, on the other side of the line.

“I’m very sorry to hear that you feel you have not had good customer service,” I started, trying to keep my blood from boiling. By this point, I have been told that I am rude, incompetent and certainly not management material, all of which strike chords fairly close to home. As one of the youngest people at the company, and as someone who has been there for a shorter period of time than any of the staff that I manage, they are accusations that I confront in the mirror daily. But throwing a tantrum will solve nothing.

Instead I calmly explain that the issue she experiences is not a fault on the part of a staff member, I assure her that I will unsuspend the services to allow for payment to be sent through, and by the end of the call, I have kept my short-temper in check. This time. It’s something that I battle with daily.


6 thoughts on “Keeping My Cool

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