The Outsiders

Since I’m back at it, I thought I might as well take a stab at today’s Prompt as well. It’s been ages since I last took part in one, so hope that you all enjoy it 🙂 Wondering where I got the prompt from? Head on over to Daily Prompt. They’re really awesome and a great tool for writing.


Rule number one – They aren’t like us. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that they are because all that’ll do is get you killed. If not by them, then by us. Rule number two is don’t get killed. It won’t be pleasant for any of us if you do. All those loose ends to tie up, and on top of it, we’ll be down a man. Rule number three – Oh, who’m I kidding? The other rules don’t really matter here. If you remember one and two, we’ll get along just fine. Just don’t go forgettin’ ’em, whatever you do.

You’re new here, so let me explain something to you. It’ll be hard. You’ll see them, and all these memories will come flooding back, and you’ll think to yourself that they can’t really be that different from the people you once knew, could they? That’s when you’ve gotta remember rule number one. Because they’re not like us. Not anymore. Haven’t been since… well, not for a long time. And they won’t waste two seconds feeling sorry for you or recallin’ your time together. They’re gonna shoot first and won’t bother with the asking questions bit at all. That’s if they’re armed, which they will be if you’re lucky. If you’re not, well, then, you’ll be in for one helluva ride ’cause they’re nasty when they go on a foot chase. I hope you’re fit enough to run for hours on end – you’ll need to be, or rule number two might as well get thrown out the window.

Now sometimes you might hear them talk of us like we’re the monsters, and I suppose they’ve got the right to think so – we were the ones that changed after all – but that don’t change a thing, not for one second. We may be changed, but that were God’s choice, not ours. We’ve evolved, moved forward, moved on, and them – they’re just lagging behind picking us off one by one. But they aren’t like us. They’re weak – all that skin and tissue and blood runnin’ through their veins are just there to make our job easier. We don’t need those distractions.

Questions? No? Good. Just remember rules one and two and you’ll be fine. Now, let’s go tackle this human problem, yeah?


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