Another prompt has come up to continue the story that I’ve been writing day by day, piece by piece, prompt by prompt. This one wanted me to imagine myself meeting a character from film, theatre or literature, and with the madness that I’d been writing of, I figured who better to use for inspiration than Lewis Caroll.



You woke one morning and it was as though you couldn’t see me. You talked to a chair that you insisted held Alice, returned from Wonderland, wandered in through the looking glass that you’d been staring at for what felt like days. She had learned the secrets of the Cheshire Cat, you’d tell me later in a hushed whisper, your glances darting around the room and a childish grin filled with mischief playing across your face and making your eyes sparkle in the one that I once had. But at the time, you spoke only to her, and I eavesdropped on the one-way conversation that was unfolding before me.
“What is it like,” you asked, “in a land where no one fits in?”
You listened intently to the silence broken only by my breathing.
“Why-ever did you return?” you continued after awhile, unable to hide your incredulity, and I turned from you before you could hear the shattering of my broken heart.


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